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Pomeranians - Pros And Cons Of Adopting a Dog

Pomeranians are lovely, fragile dogs. They are rated best with older people and those willing to devote much time to their little companions. Like any other breed of dog, the Pomeranian does not suit everybody, and adoption should be thoroughly thought over.

Rescue officers spare no pains to re-home Pomeranians. Their first and foremost concern is to the dogs. Nevertheless, you will hardly have a chance to adopt a Pomeranian unless you meet some just demands.

Pomeranians - Time Involved

 Pomeranians - Pictures
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Make sure you are ready to spend much time with your rescued Pomeranian. These dogs are very devoted to their owners and need a great deal of interaction. The breed is not recommended to people who are constantly pressed for time.

Keep in mind that a lot of time is required not only for mere interaction but also for training sessions. Pomeranians are said to be a little bit hard to train. Sure enough, the breed's stubbornness and significant independence are to blame. However, these features are likely to originate from poor training rather than from poor personality traits.

Pomeranians - Costs Of Owning a Dog

Rescuing and adopting a Pomeranian involves considerable costs. Grooming is necessary since the Pomeranian sheds. Ask yourself if you can afford professional grooming services twice a year plus special supplies to weekly care for the dog's coat.

Pomeranians - Living Conditions

Pomeranians are great pets for city dwellers. They do not need a lot of exercise and their diminutive size goes perfectly well with less space available in apartments. It is a good idea to place a rescued Pomeranian with another small companion in case you have to be gone for long hours. Loneliness and the boring atmosphere of an empty apartment make a Pomeranian bark a lot.

Pomeranians - Dogs Found In Rescues

Numerous officers state that most Pomeranians come from irresponsible breeding and puppy mills. The breed's popularity attracts many money-makers, who damage the Pomeranian by means of unplanned and irrational breedings. Most common rescue Pomeranians are those of orange, orange sable, and tan colors.

Pomeranians - Rescues Links

Dallas/Fort Worth Pomeranian Club - A local specialty club based in Dallas, Texas. News, membership, rescues, and pictures.

K R Petz - Rescue of Pomeranians, German Shepherds, and some other breeds. Puppies, and pictures.
 Pomeranians - Pictures
Picture source:
Toybox Pomeranians

New England Pomeranian Rescue - Breed rescue focusing in the New England area.

NW Pom Rescue - Pictures of dogs available for adoption. Located in Oregon.

OC Pom Rescue - Orange County, California, Pomeranian rescue group offers profiles of available dogs and tips for potential adopters. Read some success stories.

PCOC Rescue - Pomeranian Club of Canada supplies info on puppy mills, and rescues Pomeranians.

Pomeranian Club Of Ontario - The board, club history, events, rescue, breeders' directory, and other info.

Pomeranian Links - Pomeranian breeders with puppies for sale, breed clubs and rescue organizations, home pages about Pomeranians.

Pomeranian Rescue Help For California - Established in 2000.

Pomeranian Rescues - Listing of Pomeranian breeders, and links to clubs and rescues.

Pomeranians - AKC standard, enthusiast mailing list, and links to clubs and rescues.

Pomeranians - General Information Links

A Complete Pet Owner's Manual - Order a book dedicated to the breed.

ACA - Pomeranians - Breed info by American Canine Association, Inc.

AKC - Pomeranian Breed Standard - Breeders of this toy breed can check out the AKC's qualifying standards, including general appearance, stature and temperament.

Beaucliff Pomeranians - Dedicated breeders since 1970. Australia.

Breeders' Links - Locate a Pomeranian breeder, and add your own web site.

Celestial Pomeranians - Information on their dogs, and Pomeranian education.

Perriens Pomeranians - AKC Pomeranian puppies for sale occasionally. Michigan.

Pomeranian - General Info - General information on the breed, and pictures.

Pomeranian Breed Guide - History, and appearance of the breed.

Pomeranian Breed Profile - Breed history, physical characteristics, and personality.

Pomeranian Breeders - Brief information on Pomeranian breeders, and links to their sites.

Pomeranian Info - General information.

Pomeranian Links - Links resource for those looking for Pomeranian info.

Pomeranian Network - Supplies a lot of information on the breed, and its owners.

Pomeranian Photo Gallery - Puppies, photos, classified ads, dogs for sale.
 Pomeranians - Pictures
Picture source:
Toybox Pomeranians

Pomeranian Profile - Facts about the Pomeranian.

Pomeranians - A book by Joe Stahlkuppe covers a lot of issues connected with feeding, housing, health care, and more.

ShowPom - Dedicated to the Pomeranian. Pictures, info on shows, and discussions.

Suber Pomeranians - Breeder information, gallery, and links. MD.

The Kennel Club Breed Standard - Pomeranian standard featured by the UK Kennel Club.

The Pom Reader - Each issue in this edition is dedicated to the Pomeranian.

Pomeranians - Other Pomeranians sites

Pomeranians Puppies - Pomeranians are Toy dogs whose appearance and functions changed in the course of time. From a dog weighing about 20-30 pounds and used basically as a herd dog the Pomeranian made a great leap to a tiny companion. The 20th century is thought to be the Pomeranian's rise in terms of popularity. They are distributed mainly in the UK and the US.

The American Kennel Club set the breed standard which points out the acceptable height and weight, states characteristic traits a purebred Pomeranian should display, and enumerates a number of features, the owner of which is doomed to be disqualified.

Pomeranians Pictures - Pomeranians are used primarily as companion dogs. They are said to deal better with elderly people, and older children. These tiny dogs demand careful treatment, and tend to be snappy when someone hurts them, even if it is unintentionally.

However, there is no reason to assume that Pomeranians behave as if they were the kings of the world, whose every wish is meant to be realized by their owner, and any discomfort inevitably causes outrage. These fragile dogs grow into "household oppressors" only if the owner lets them do it. Offer a Pomeranian to rule your every action, and he will not refuse, be sure about it.

Pomeranians Breeders - Pomeranians are believed to have descended from ancient Spitz-type dogs. There is evidence that the Pomeranian's ancestors existed in Egypt, since their drawings were found in ancient tombs.

However, conventional opinions state that Northern regions, perhaps, Siberia, were the first homes for those hardy, weather-resistant dogs. Their physical qualities were successfully used in pulling sleighs, and warning about danger.

Pomeranians - Pomeranians had many other names in the past. Their cousins, the Samoyed, Spitz and Norwegian Elkhound, all closely resemble the Pomeranian as he appeared a scant 70 years ago.

Pomeranians derive their name from Pomerania, an old German province, now an area between eastern Germany and western Poland. The breed was developed from a Spitz breeding line. The Pomeranian is the smallest member of the Spitz line. Originally, Pomeranians were called Northern Group Type Dogs, or Spitz Type Dogs. Pictures of Pomeranians were found on the vases and other pieces, dating back to as early as 400 BC.

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